The story of Skateriors

From the start, the main goal of skateriors has been to strive towards a responsible and circular production of unique interior accessories, made of discarded skateboards and second-hand wood!

During the production process, we work as efficiently and effectively as possible to preserve the circularity. We try to find a new use for every piece that is left over during the creation of our products. This is, for instance, how our tongs came to be.

If products don’t have a direct repurposing goal, we don’t just get rid of them. Instead, we keep them for potential projects in the near future!

We collaborate with companies who are working towards the same goal, as well as with companies who produce locally. Noordzeef, who prints our t-shirts in a responsible way, is one of these companies. We also work with Oliemolen de Passiebloem, who provides us with flaxseed oil which we use for the finish of a large part of our products.

Skateriors strives for a responsible & fair world where there is room for you & I, him & her, for everyone!

Culture, but above all, nature!


Contact Us

Esdoornstraat 3
8021WB Zwolle
The Netherlands


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